FiRST FALL is a classic rock cover band in Windsor, Ontario.

With a set list of favourite songs spanning more than half a century, we’ll take you on a trip through the Psychedelic 60’s, Rockin’ 70’s, the Big 80’s and beyond.

 FiRST FALL is comprised of:

Lisa Rowley – Lead Vocals, smart-ass remarks, occasional tambourining, shaker shaking and kazoo-ing.

Jeff Stiles – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals, fashion pointers, snark, tone and shoe gazing.

Alan Bondy – Bass Guitar, layin’ down the funk, holding up the bottom end and keeping things on the down-low.

Rob Michie – Master of all things percussive. Can go from Charlie Watts to John Bonham in the time it takes you to raise your lighter skyward.